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Build An Online Business
Build An Online Business

Client testimonials

  • Matthew Mundroina's Testimonial
    You can come to Jef with only a vague objective and after the creative process is done, leave with a brand and website your competitors will fear.
    Matthew Mundroina
    Suppleo Recruitment
  • Kyle Hewines' Testimonial
    Jef is very easy to work with and takes the time to work with you to sort out issues instead of leaving you hanging.
    Kyle Hewines
    Stelvio Group
  • Scott Hickman's Testimonial
    We asked Jef to build plantrs.com for us and it was an exceptional build and final design. Would highly recommend Jef for all things marketing and design.
    Scott Hickman
    Plantrs Recruitment
  • Anna's Testimonial
    Hiring Jef to design and build a WordPress website for my brand new elder care company was the single best decision I could have made.
    Anna Irving-Peckham
    At Home Elder Care
  • Charlotte's Testimonial
    Jef’s expertise as a copywriter and website maker truly shines through in his work. He's also a great team player who consistently delivers outstanding results.
  • Kirby's Testimonial
    We have been working with Jef for a couple of years now. Always impressed with his attention to detail. He's designed/maintained a great website for us, that's generating leads on a steady basis. Couldn't be happier!
    Kirby Hewines
    Videl Roofing Inc.
  • Robert's Testimonial
    Jef's exceptional copywriting skills and business acumen propelled our projects forward quickly. Highly recommend for anyone looking to elevate their business.
  • Ame Proietti's Testimonial
    Since working with Jef, I’ve seen a 71% increase in monthly traffic to my site.
    Ame Proietti
    Freelance Copywriter
  • Jef was able to quickly (and affordably) write a variety of blog posts that not only increased traffic to our website significantly but also brought in mission-aligned customers and leads that converted into signups for our product.
    Katie Overmonds
  • Cathal Murtagh's Testimonial
    Jef is all about the best results he can deliver and he certainly delivered for us. The quality of his copywriting and creativity was second to none.
    Cathal Murtagh
    EMEA Sales Director
  • Alice's Testimonial
    Jef is a pleasure to work with! That's why we are a regular, long-term client for editorial work.
    Alice Fogliata Cresswell
    Orbis Terra Media

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Build An Online Business
Build An Online Business

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    Build An Online Business
    Build An Online Business

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